The Seven Chakra Rough Stone


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Material: Crystal | Length: 2-4 cm | Color: As shown

  • Seven chakras gather together seven kinds of raw crystal stones.The energy of the crystal interacts with the earth's magnetic field, which can adjust the balance of the five elements of the human body. The chakras refer to the seven energies distributed throughout the human body, namely the top of the head, between the eyebrows, throat, center of the chest, near the navel, lower abdomen and tailbone.
  • Amethyst Crown Chakra contains high energy, so it can promote brain cell activity and speed up brain function, thus developing intelligence, aiding thinking, focusing attention and improving memory .
  • Lapis Lazuli Brow Chakra can relieve symptoms of insomnia and anxiety in people, and also has good therapeutic effect on headache and dizziness. It can effectively relieve diseases of the respiratory system, and also has the effect of lowering blood pressure.
  • Jade throat chakra, peace, appeasement, transformation and astral travel, it radiates peaceful green energy rays, can strengthen telepathy, can promote communication and self-expression.
  • Pink crystal heart chakra, the pink crystal on the body can strengthen and balance the heart and circulatory system, and release impurities in body fluids. At the same time, help recovery from cardio-pulmonary problems.
  • The tiger eye stone sun wheel is on the body, the tiger eye strengthens personal energy, eliminates fatigue, lethargy and promotes blood regeneration. Relieve inner anxiety and anxiety, boost motivation, enthusiasm and self-confidence.
  • Garnet manipula has a luminous spectrum of the radiance of the sun. While healing, it can inject light kinetic energy into the area where it is placed to remove all dark and suppressed pollution, and gain the spring regenerating power of the solar spectrum in the Its heat producing properties can speed up the metabolism and relieve rheumatic pain.
  • Obsidian corresponds to the marine chakra among the seven chakras of the human body. It can effectively remove negative energy in the body and at the same time replenish new energy, which has the effect of eliminating fatigue, stress and headache.
We strongly recommend removing your jewelry before engaging in any activities that can lead to contact with moisture or friction (ie: washing your hands, sleeping and showering) to maintain luster and prolong life.

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