The Colorful crystal bracelet


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Material: Agate | Length: Adjustable | Color: As shown

  • Red agate can remove stress and mental tension, resolve generation gaps, and promote honesty and honesty among people. It is a gem to keep the family, business, and group members living in harmony.
  • Blue agate is a very good healing and auxiliary crystal, its energy is thick, stable, and soft, and it can bring people a sense of tranquility. Crystal therapy is believed to correspond to the throat chakra, which can help people experience higher energy levels, express thoughts and feelings more freely, eliminate anger, inhibit infections, inflammation and reduce fever.
  • Purple agate has certain effects like strengthening blood circulation, promoting metabolism, beautifying the skin, regulating female hormones, helping to eliminate toxins, and soothe liver disease, rheumatism, neuralgia, varicose veins, etc. It has a soothing function for indifferent people. Add enthusiasm to people and make others happy to approach.
  • Green agate can ward off evil spirits and protect the owner from any negative energy, for devotees the effect of green agate is to ward off evil spirits. The effect of green agate is to eliminate distracting thoughts and resist all kinds of haunts in the world.
  • Black agate, also known as the longevity stone, has the effect of promoting happiness and abundance, it can invite luck and help relieve stress. Black onyx symbolizes perseverance, and there is perseverance that transcends all in silence.
  • The white agate necklace has a great spiritual effect, symbolizing friendly love and hope. Putting the right amount of white agate necklace under the pillow will help relieve stress and fatigue, make you sleep peacefully, and have sweet dreams every night.
We strongly recommend removing your jewelry before engaging in any activities that can lead to contact with moisture or friction (ie: washing your hands, sleeping and showering) to maintain luster and prolong life.

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